Dredging a pond or lake is not easy and requires professional excavating equipment and experience. 

Having a pond in your garden is a peaceful and enjoyable addition to any backyard paradise, with the sounds of water rushing over a little waterfall or the hypnotic effect of swimming fish. 

Company Name ’s equipment operators have been expert excavators for numerous years.  We are dedicated to creating the perfect pond or land project.  

We can help you with: 

• Aesthetic Ponds

• Agricultural Ponds

• Lakes and Reservoirs

• Storm water Retention Areas

• Pond De-mucking 

As a premier service provider, we are dedicated to delivering reliable service and excellent results, at cost-effective rates.  We are fast, and affordable for both residential and commercial properties. Our team approaches all projects, regardless of size, with the same level of expertise and excellence.

Comprehensive understanding and knowledge of the processes involved means that we are positioned to undertake a full package of services ranging from lake construction and pond building to reservoir construction. 

We will design, build, install and maintain a wide range of water projects, such as:  

• Pond/Lake/Reservoir construction

• Reed beds and wetlands

• Waterfalls, weirs, bridges and jetties

• Boreholes/Water supplies

• Pumping and irrigation systems

• Dredging and De-silting ponds and lakes  

With extensive knowledge and state of the art equipment, we do the job right the first time, every time. Remember... it is more expensive to repair a poorly built lake or pond than to start from scratch and build a new one. 

Whether you are a residential homeowner looking to add the beauty of a pond to your acreage, or a project manager looking for a trusted excavation contractor to handle your Pond Excavation project, Company name would love the opportunity to work with you. 

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