Excavating for installation or removal of underground storage tanks requires distinctive skills in order to achieve the desired results successfully and safely. 

Company name’s experienced personnel can help your organization upgrade, repair and maintain your fuel tank storage system and its related components, in keeping with federal, state and local requirements. 

Before any job is started, we thoroughly examine all options.  We need to know if there are any defunct tanks and pipes in the ground that need to be removed, ignored or disconnected. 

Residential and Commercial Tank Excavation Services:

• Tank size up to 20,000 gallons

• Tank disposal at approved tank scrap yard facility

• Sludge removal and disposal

• Field screening of soils from the tank grave for potential contamination

• Backfill excavation, loam and seeding

• Laboratory confirmation analysis

• Procurement of applicable permits

• Preparation of documentation package for record keeping purposes 

Prior to beginning the excavation, we do a borehole soil test. Another test is performed during excavation.  We do this to determine if there is any soil that has been contaminated by a leak.  If there is any soil contamination, this soil is removed to a site that is licensed for safe disposal, and clean soil is put in its place. 

We provide various services to meet all your fuel tank and environmental needs including: 

• Tank Testing

• Tank Investigation/Location

• Underground And Aboveground Storage Tank Removal

• Tank Cleaning With Closure or Abandonment

• Tank Installation both Under & Above Ground

• Site Remediation

• Sand Filling of Abandoned Tanks 

We are very experienced at working with any size of insurance company, providing the most appropriate coverage.  We will make sure that your property meets state codes.  When you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. 

We are experienced with all areas of each project, from obtaining the required permits and inspections, to the final removal of the tank. Our crews are highly experienced at working in difficult situations, and keep their attention focused on safety and health. We are also completely insured. 

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